A Great Opportunity For 15 Local Employers

The opportunity to join the Business Growth Club for Free, with a year’s membership effectively paid for by West Suffolk College through their Place 21 initiative.

A proven system that helps companies looking to grow – one that has been used by hundreds of companies throughout the UK over the last twenty years.  Designed by business owners with practical experience – no theory here, just common sense advice.

Using a mixture of online workbooks and videos, together with great ‘offline’ support to help businesses get to grips with what really matters – all straightforward to implement too!

You will also have the personal support of Neil Foley, the founder of the Business Growth Club through the year.

All we ask is you help mentor one of our carefully selected students which we will match with your firm. One of only 15 students selected from a cohort in excess of 300.

These students will complete 10 of the online workbooks within the Business Growth Club programme, starting in January and finishing in May 2019.

You will be able to monitor their workbook completion, providing support and guidance if needed.

And help them with a short work experience session within your business in 2019, where they will be able to use some of their new found knowledge to good effect.

We believe this is a true win-win for everybody.

  • You get support to grow your business – for Free.
  • Students gain a much better understanding of the real world of business, with your support.
  • Both employers and students will have more effective work experiences, of real value.
  • It’s possible you may want to offer more experiences to your student, if they impress you.
  • You are helping a young person as they embark into adulthood and are being rewarded for doing so.
  • The local press are interested in the programme and there will be plenty of free publicity in the coming months, showing all our partner employers in a very positive light.
  • You get the opportunity to help shape future projects too.

A true win-win!

To find out more, why not email the Business Growth Club founder Neil Foley on neil@businessgrowthclub.net or call him on 01603 443355